Funding Corwall's Schools

Sadly my opponents are scaremongering about “cuts” to schools funding. They claim that the Government plans reductions in funding for local schools.

As the below table indicates, funding for schools here in Cornwall is rising.

Year           Allocation       Source

Dualling the A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton - Update

Update - 27th July 2016Cornwall Council are currently planning to hold a further public consultation in relation to the next stage of upgrading the A30 and will soon confirm details of when the consultation events will be held - hopefully in September.

Business Rates

A number of constituents have contacted me to express their concerns about Business Rates, and I have raised these concerns with the Minister responsible. Please find below a letter that I have received in response to those representations. If you have any further concerns, please contact me.

Community Trees

Thinking about making a New Years Resolution? Why not consider planting some tress in 2017? The Woodland Trust offers tree planting schemes to help communities plant trees on publicly accessible land.

Combating the growing threat of Sepsis

As the sister of a nurse, I first heard about Sepsis when told about a particularly upsetting experience that my sister had gone through when losing a patient to Sepsis. What amazed me then was how prevalent and lethal Sepsis is, yet what little awareness and action was being taken.