Conservative Environment Network

Update 23/07/19

I welcome the news that warm homes consideration in NHS disease prevention plan. Read more here:


CEN is the independent forum for Conservatives who support conservation and decarbonisation, and the network includes a caucus of 41 Conservative MPs. The Manifesto is a series of Conservative ideas in response to the key environmental issues of our time. It argues that tackling the existential threat of environmental breakdown offers our divided country a new national project that can bring economic regeneration and natural restoration to all parts of the country. It also argues that the UK enjoys a unique position on the world stage and is well placed to offer leadership and authority on this task. 

The manifesto is a possible route to the world envisaged by the Declaration, which is signed by the 41 MPs. Each and every proposed policy is not necessarily supported by each CEN MP, Member, employee, and so on, but all agree on the principle set out in the Declaration that:

  • We recognise the gravity of the global environmental crisis, and our duty to preserve and restore our planet for future generations.
  • We agree that by working with nature, rather than against it, we can grow our economy faster and more sustainably - and that the environment provides essential services that underpin economic growth.
  • We believe that the best route to net zero emissions is through a prosperous market economy that innovates quickly.
  • We know that transformational change starts with the responsibility of the individual.
  • We believe that the UK has a duty to display global leadership on the environmental crisis.

Read the manifesto in full via

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