Funding Cornwall's Schools

Update - May 2018

Over the past few months I have been discussing schools funding with school leaders in Cornwall. I recently met with the Chancellor to make the case for additional funding for Cornwall’s school. The Comprehensive Spending Review next Spring will allocate funding across our public services for the next three years. I will continue to do everything that I can to secure additional funding for our local schools.

Update - September 2017

Recently in Parliament I welcomed the good news that all schools in my constituency will see an increase in funding. There are 39 schools in Truro and Falmouth and together they will receive additional funding of £1.9 million. That is a 3.8% increase. I support the introduction of the transparent National Funding Formula based on the educational needs of young people. Here is more information about the announcement today:

You may look at the funding increases for each individual school in the Truro & Falmouth constituency in the spreadsheet attached below.

Update - July 2017

Since being re-elected as your local MP in June, I have been working with Ministers to ensure the extra funding the Government has pledged for schools funding reaches local schools. Attached below is the most recent letter that I have received providing a useful update.

June 2017

Sadly my opponents are scaremongering about “cuts” to schools funding. They claim that the Government plans reductions in funding for local schools.

As the below table indicates, funding for schools here in Cornwall is rising.

Year           Allocation       Source

2014-2015 £279,154,088…

2015-2016 £287,731,630…

2016-2017 £287,896,275

2017-2018 £291,189,883

The way funding is distributed to schools in England is not fair. I have long campaigned for fairer funding for our schools here in Cornwall, which is why I welcome the introduction of a national schools funding formula that is currently being consulted upon to get it right.

Across the country, children with the same needs and expectations receive markedly different rates of funding for their school place. We have begun to correct this and a Conservative Government in the next Parliament we will make funding fairer still.

Some have said that Cornwall was set to lose out as a result of the proposed new National Funding Formula. This is not the case. Indicative figures from the Department of Education showed a further rise in funding for school in Cornwall to £294,409,275. There are "winners and losers" in this allocation and I made it clear to the Secretary of State that this was unacceptable.

So I am pleased that the Conservative Manifesto makes it clear that no school will have its budget cut as a result of the new formula. We will increase the overall schools budget by £4 billion by 2022, representing more than a real terms increase for every year of the Parliament.

There has also been scaremongering about free school lunches. Under a new Conservative government, schools in England will offer a free school breakfast to every child in every year of primary school, while children from low-income families will continue to receive free school lunches throughout their years in primary and secondary education. There is good evidence that this will help the wellbeing and learning of children.

The savings made from this change will be added to the core schools budget, meaning that every penny saved will go towards children’s education.

To help children from the most disadvantaged background succeed in education we have introduced additional funding through the Pupil Premium. As the table below illustrates, schools in Truro & Falmouth have received over £8,397,765 through this fund over the last three years.

Year           Allocation    Source

2014-2015 £2,817,000…

2015-2016 £2,783,020…

2016-2017 £2,797,745…

A Conservative Government will protect the Pupil Premium to ensure that it continues to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds to get the education they deserve.

As well as ensuring disadvantaged children have access to a good education it is important to make sure that some of the most vulnerable people in our society – those with special education needs and disabilities – are able to get the most out of school. That is why the Government has recently announced a package of funding to help schools provide for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. From 2018 – 2021 Cornwall will receive £1,913,315 to help give these children the best possible education.

Schools in Cornwall are set to benefit further from Basic Needs funding, which help local schools to provide new places for students. By 2019 Cornwall will have received a total of £46,925,075 through this scheme alone.

There is also additional funding for schools sports and music.

But improving educational opportunities isn't just about money. It is good to see standards rising in our schools since 2010. Despite all of these positive changes there is still more that can be done to ensure children in Cornwall have access to the best possible education. If I am re-elected as your Member of Parliament I will continue my hard work to ensure that the new National Funding Formula delivers even more for Cornwall.


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