EU Referendum

Last Thursday answered one question from which many more flow. Over the months ahead, as we reshape our relationships with European countries and the rest of the world, I will continue to do what is in the best interests of all the people I represent as well as our great country.

New Royal Charter for the BBC

The BBC is one of this nation's most treasured institutions that continues to command a central role in the lives of so many people here in the UK and overseas. The new Royal Charter will put in place the right supporting framework to strengthen the BBC so that it continues to thrive in a fast-changing media landscape and goes on delivering the best possible for service for licence fee payers.


We have a housing crisis in Cornwall. Far too many hard working local people are priced out of the open market, not through any fault of their own but by house prices that are now 13 times the average annual wage.The Government has given Cornwall Council the tools it needs to work out how many people need affordable housing in Cornwall, the freedom to decide how many houses should be built to meet that need, and the funding to deliver those new houses.

Promoting Science

Update 25 March 2015A link to the 9th report of the Science and Technology Select Committee, of which I am a member, detailing the Committee's work from 2010-2015 can be found via the link below:

Gender equality

Picture: Celebrating the life of Emmeline Pankhurst alongside fellow members of the Conservative Women's Organisation.Discrimination on grounds of gender constitutes a violation of human dignity, as well imposing artificial limits on the vigour, creativity and richness of national life. One of the many privileges of serving as a Member of Parliament is the ability to tackle this discrimination, and to encourage women in all walks of life to fulfill their potential.