Examples of how we share personal data

Examples of how Sarah shares personal data


Constituent A wants to raise concerns about the lack of maintenance of a public area near their home, and they wanted to make Sarah aware of those concerns. The constituent has emailed Sarah with details of the issue together with their email address and other contact details.

In this case Sarah writes to the local authority, passing on the constituent’s name and address and a copy of their email, asking that the Local Authority considers the concerns of her constituent.


Constituent B has experienced a delay in receiving their driving licence and has requested help from Sarah. The constituent has contacted Sarah’s office by telephone and a member of Sarah's team has requested basic contact details, and in this case the constituent’s driving licence number.

Sarah subsequently contacts the DVLA and passes on all of this information, with a description of the problem and a request that the issue of the licence is expedited.


Constituent C has been experiencing difficulties with taxation issues and has asked Sarah for help at one of her advice surgeries.

In order for her to help the constituent, Sarah has requested certain information that will allow HM Customs and Revenue (HMRC) to investigate the constituents concerns. The constituent has brought in correspondence from HMRC which has the constituents name and address, reference number and their National Insurance Number.

These details are passed on to HMRC when Sarah asks for the constituent’s case to be reviewed.


Constituent D has sent a letter to Sarah with concerns about Government policy on single use plastics, and included their name and address. After the letter is scanned on to Sarah’s casework management system it is shredded for security reasons.

Sarah passes on the constituent’s name and address together with an electronic copy of the letter when she makes representations on behalf of the constituent to the Minister in charge of this area of Government policy.


Any responses from external organisations are stored on the casework management system prior to being passed on to constituents.


Please be assured that Sarah and members of her team will only request personal data that is necessary to deal with the specific enquiry.