Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty

Sarah Newton serves as Secretary of All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hunger and Food Poverty.

The group, chaired by the Bishop of Truro the Rt Rev Tim Thornton and the Rt Hon Frank Field MP, was set up in November 2013 to better understand the growing use of food banks and to consider how hunger in the UK can be eliminated.

The Group’s Inquiry into hunger and food poverty, launched at Lambeth Palace in April 2014, seeks to understand why people need to use food banks. The Report arising from the Inquiry, due to be published in the autumn of 2014, will be an informed and challenging contribution to the debate surrounding food bank usage in Britain, enabling better understanding of the factors behind this phenomenon, with that understanding pointing the way to how policy makers can best address the real need that exists.

The Inquiry’s research draws on research brought together at a Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology Research Seminar on food aid. The Seminar, that took place in the House of Commons on the 9th April 2014, was chaired by Sarah and saw existing evidence on food bank use extensively discussed. This information is now being used to inform and guide the APPG Inquiry.

Sarah, who has since April 2013 led a project whereby members of her constituency office team have visited food banks on a weekly basis, will be submitting evidence to the Inquiry.

Information on the Seminar can be found here

Information as to the ongoing Inquiry can be found here