Catching up with Falmouth and Exeter Student Conservative Society

Sarah Newton MP was really pleased to catch up with the Falmouth and Exeter Student Conservative Society.

Here is the news from the President of the Society:

"This academic year thus far, the Conservative Society has been very active with a range of different activities. One thing we have particularly been keen on keeping up with is current affairs. We have done this through our weekly meetings. For example, one widely discussed topic has been the EU. This is an area in which most people within the Society have a strong opinion and has been discussed in discourses as well as socially. Alongside this issue, we have been increasing contact with other societies in order to have greater affiliation and recognition. We cooperated with the Beach Clean Society in order to get a better understanding of how to organise a beach clean and this gave us the ability to organise our own. Going forward, we plan to work with the Beach Clean Society in order to help keep Cornwall's beaches clean.

As well as the Beach Clean Society, we have been in contact with the Islamic Society in order to lend support to their fundraising cause - to raise £10,000 this year for Syrian refugees. Furthermore, we have been talking with the Labour and Liberal Democrat Societies in order to hold a joint discourse in the coming year. We have also been discussing the possibility of working with the High Tea Society, to run a survey asking students what issues matter to them most with free cake to be provided as an incentive to take part.

As well as current affairs discussions, we have also been using our weekly meetings for different activities such as a quiz night (prizes and all) and even a film evening where we enjoyed watching Meryl Streep's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady and collected money to go to the Islamic Society's fundraising for Syrian refugees.

Furthermore, we have created new roles in the committee in order to try and expand our membership. We now have an active Falmouth Student Rep to help recruit new Falmouth students. As part of this, we are going to be holding a stall on the Woodlane campus to try and target a wider range of students.

In the coming year, we hope to run more social events as well as advancing with the above mentioned discussions and keeping the Society active."

You can contact the President of Falmouth Exeter Student Conservative Society, Eleanor Phipps at the following email address: