KML Buys Falmouth Wharves

Keynvor MorLift (KML), the industrial marine contractor, is celebrating the purchase of Falmouth Wharves. The acquisition plays an important role in KML’s expansion plans which will see up to 39 new jobs created and will mean that the Wharves retain their historic, commercial maritime use for the future. 

Milestone reached in Falmouth dredging project

Sarah Newton welcomes the tremendous achievement of issuing comprehensive information about the environmental impacts of dredging Falmouth Harbour to the Government’s marine licensing body. 

Join the Debate

Sarah will be joined by Rt Hon David Lidington MP, Minister of State for Europe, the Vice Chancellors of Falmouth and Exeter Universities, Professor Anne Carlisle and Professor Sir Steve Smith, Kim Conchie, Chief Executive of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, and Sir Graham Watson, former MEP for South West England.