Local News

Excellent news for our local beaches

This year’s bathing water results have been published today, the first time that the results have been reported against tougher new European Union standards introduced in 2015.

Citizens Advice Data Funfair

At the Conservative a Party Conference, Sarah is speaking at the Citizens Advice Data Funfair and will be discussing what the top issues are facing constituents, along with the Chair of the CAB, Sir David Varney. 

Flood Advisory Service pre-Launch Visit to Cornwall

If you can cast your mind back to Christmas of 2012, most people will talk of fond festive memories of tinsel and Turkey; but for one community in Cornwall their recollection of Christmas that year is one of misery and flooding.

Cornwall Expo 2015

Really enjoyed my day at the Cornwall EXPO highlighting the investment in Cornwall's infrastructure and opportunities for local businesses to access support to grow their businesses.

Sarah Newton MP welcomes new Cigarette Butts Recycling Scheme.

 Smoking related rubbish is the most common form of litter, found at almost three-quarters (73%) of sites surveyed by anti-litter campaigners, and making up more than a third (35%) of the items of waste that have been dropped. Cigarette butts are to be recycled into new plastic products under a scheme that aims to cut litter and landfill, it has been announced.