Local MP Sarah Newton notches up a gear on her cycling campaign

Today, in a debate in Parliament, Sarah Newton pressed the Government to introduce a Cycling Ambitious Towns Scheme to go alongside the successful Ambitious Cities Scheme. 

Commenting Sarah said: 

“I welcome the fact that since 2010 the Government has trebled investment in England to around £7 per person, however the largest funding pot, the Cycling Ambitious Cities programme is not available to Cornwall and regions that do not have a city with the required population to qualify for this programme.  

I am pressing the Government to create a new Cycling Ambitious Towns programme that would enable more people to switch from driving to walking or cycling. Local surveys, undertaken by Cornwall Council, show that most car journeys are a mile or less and with the right infrastructure more people will switch from driving to walking or cycling.  

The new fund I am proposing would enable villages to link with towns and Truro so more people can walk and cycle. This is good for our health, wellbeing and the environment.”