Local MP Sarah Newton promoting the new improvements to the Cycle to Work Scheme with Top Gear.

Local MP, Sarah Newton visited Top Gear in Penryn to discuss the recent changes to the Cycle to Work Scheme with Peter Williams. Top Gear, now the largest electric bike specialists in Cornwall,  have recently moved to their new premisses in Penryn and have more than fifteen years of local experience selling and maintaining electrical bicycles. 

Following her visit, Sarah commented: “I am delighted that the Government listened to my calls and those of cycling campaigners to widen access to this popular scheme. As Cornwall is so hilly, it can put many people off cycling, but with electric bikes now part of the scheme, I hope many more local employers will now promote this scheme and as a result more local people will take it up. Cycling and walking to work is a good way for us all to do our bit for the environment, reducing congestion and emissions and improve our health and wellbeing. Peter and his staff have years of experience, offer friendly advice and a wide range of bikes, so I hope more people will pop along and consider an electric bike as an alternative to driving.”

Responding to the Government’s updates to the Cycle to Work Scheme, Xavier Brice Chief Executive at Sustrans, the walking and cycling charity, said:

“We warmly welcome the new Cycle to Work Scheme guidance published today which highlights the UK Government’s ambition to make cycling an activity for everyone.

“Removing the cap an employee can spend on a bike will open up cycling to more people, enabling them to purchase specially adapted or electric cycles, which was not previously possible due to their high cost.

“Encouraging more people to get on bikes means that more people can enjoy the National Cycle Network. Sustrans is busy making paths on the Network more suitable for everyone by removing 16,000 barriers, as well as increasing the number of people who can actively travel to work with a smile on their face.

“There’s no doubt that cycling is good for our health and the environment which is why we would like all employers and their workforces to take full advantage of the Scheme.

The savings that individuals make through the cycle to work scheme improves the affordability of, and access to, cycling. Employees who participate in schemes run by Alliance members save up to 40% of the total cost of a new bike.

To date over 630,000 people have taken advantage of the scheme, which involves over 1,950 bike retailers nationwide and 15 retailers across Cornwall.