Raising the awareness of micro chipping dog month

Increasing the awareness of the benefits that micro chipping has on dogs is at the heart of what micro chipping dog month aims to achieve.

Writing to Sarah Newton MP Holly Conway, Public Affairs Manager of the Kennel Club said:

“The Kennel Club supports the compulsory micro chipping of dogs. We have been a leading member of the micro chipping Alliance and have worked alongside Defra to ensure the regulations benefit all dog owners and are practical to follow. We also contribute greatly to the promotion of micro chipping through our education schemes such as the Good Citizenship programme and various events, including National micro chipping Month.

Earlier this year, Sarah Newton MP was part of the committee that brought in the new regulations that are aimed at helping to tackle the growing problem of stray dogs. Already, owners have been reunited with their lost or stolen pets more quickly. The use of this technology should relieve some of the burden on animal charities and local authorities and protect the welfare of dogs by promoting responsible dog ownership.

Over the past two years, Cornwall Council has been working in partnership with Dogs Trust to provide free micro chipping for dogs in Cornwall. So far, over 3000 dogs have been successfully micro chipped through pre-planned chipping events across Cornwall and on request by the public.

Sarah Newton MP commented:

“Having lost and been reunited with my own dog, thanks to a microchip, I know how really upsetting losing a much loved family pet can be and the vital role this technology can play. A microchip makes it much easier to reunite a dog with its owner and compulsory micro chipping of dogs is something I have been campaigning on since I was first elected in 2010. Lost and stolen dogs cost the taxpayer and welfare charities an estimated £33 million per year.”

The regulations, including fines for the owners of dogs without microchips come into full effect in 2016.