Sarah Newton meets 'Saving Our Bees' campaigners

Earlier this week, Sarah Newton MP met with local environmental campaigner Lindsay Southcombe, who took the time to discuss a Friends of the Earth Campaign, which aims to protect our local bee populations.

Bee populations face a number of dangers from habitat loss, toxic neonicotinoid pesticides and climate change. Without bees, our environment and economy, including the food we eat would be in trouble. We need them to pollinate our fruit and vegetables.

Sarah Newton MP commented by stating:

“As a former trainee beekeeper, I entirely agree that bees and indeed all pollinators play a vital role in the security of our food supply and the quality of our natural environment. I led the debate in the last Parliament and worked with national and local charities to support the development and implementation of the National Pollinator Strategy to protect our bees and many other pollinators. It was announced in 2014 and I want to ensure that Cornwall becomes a bee friendly community. I was pleased to listen to the views of Lindsay and will take forward ideas in ensure the Implementation of the National Pollinator Strategy is a success."

There are a number of ways in which you can act now to help save our bees and help bring about the creation of more bee friendly communities. Why not use the following link to see what you can do: