Sarah Newton MP meets young people taking part in National Citizen Service in Falmouth

Sarah Newton joined a group of her young constituents who are taking part in National Citizen Service (NCS), a nationwide youth programme which brings together 15 - 17 years olds to learn new skills during the school holidays. Young people participating in NCS take part in a variety of activities, including personal and team challenges, which benefit our local community.

About 30 young people in Falmouth take part in NCS each year. During her visit, Sarah met NCS participants in their second week of the programme and gave her support to their work that aims to:

· develop their confidence, leadership, communication and teamwork at BF Adventure outdoor centre in Penryn.

· learn skills for life and work, such as cooking/budgeting/public speaking/and first aid.

· volunteering with local community projects, including working with local homeless charities.

Sarah Newton heard first-hand how NCS is helping to develop participants’ life skills, resilience, and wellbeing, and boost community engagement across the country. She said:

“I was delighted to spend time with so many young people from Falmouth who are participating in National Citizen Service and making a difference in our local community. It is a wonderful opportunity for young people to find their voice and ensure their communities take into account their opinions. It’s fantastic to see the valuable work of NCS being supported in Falmouth helping local young people to further their education outside of the classroom, make new friends, and develop essential skills for work and life.”

To find out more about NCS, or to sign up to take part, please visit: