Sarah Newton MP for Truro & Falmouth welcomes the publication of the government’s National Shipbuilding Strategy

Sarah Newton MP for Truro & Falmouth welcomes the publication of the government’s National Shipbuilding Strategy today.

The strategy accepts the recommendations made in Sir John Parker’s Independent Report into naval shipbuilding published last November that set out far-reaching recommendations to transform the United Kingdom’s shipbuilding industry and boost the prosperity of shipyards and supply chains across the country.

Based on extensive consultation with government, industry, and trades unions, it is a fundamental reappraisal of how we undertake naval shipbuilding in the UK with the aim of placing it on a sustainable long-term footing. It enables the foundations to be laid for a modern, efficient, and competitive sector capable of meeting the country’s future defence and security needs.

The report identified key areas where government and industry must invest in order for UK shipbuilding to thrive: modern digital engineering; industrial innovation; competitiveness; focus on apprenticeships and jobs; and export-focus.

Commenting, Sarah said: “I welcome the National Shipbuilding Strategy today. It sets out an ambitious vision of shipbuilding in the UK and will play an important role in boosting support for shipbuilding, ship maintenance and repairs in Falmouth.

As a maritime nation, I am pleased to see this government’s industrial strategy recognises the importance of our marine industries and their ability to drive economic growth across the country, investing in a more skilled workforce.”

The National Shipbuilding Strategy clearly identifies the opportunities for Britain’s shipbuilding expertise to become a leading producer of ships for export.

Research indicates that the maritime industries in the UK employ around 111,000 people, in 6,800 companies, contributing £13 billion to the economy. The shipbuilding and repair element of this contributes around £2 billion and directly employs around 15,000 people, with an additional 10,000 jobs indirectly supported through the wider supply chain in the UK.

The government is investing billions in a growing Royal Navy building two new aircraft carriers, new Type 26 Global Combat Ships, Dreadnought and Astute class submarines, and offshore patrol vessels. Plans for a new class of General Purpose Frigate were also announced today so that by the 2030s we can grow the size of the fleet. This major programme of investment will increase the power and reach of our Royal Navy.

Commenting on the new class of General Purpose Frigates, Sarah went onto say: “I am determined to see one of the new Type 31 frigates named HMS Cornwall. The Duchy has a long and proud history of support for the Royal Navy. I was very sad when the last HMS Cornwall was decommissioned in 2011. Her crew did Cornwall proud in operations all over the world and I would like future generations to have the chance to serve on a 21st century HMS Cornwall. Please join my campaign for a new HMS Cornwall.”

To sign the petition for a new HMS Cornwall please use the following link:…