Sarah Newton MP Welcomes Treasury Select Committee 'Pasty Tax' Inquiry visit to Rowe’s

 Mark Garnier MP, and member of the influential Treasury Select Committee visited Rowe’s bakery in Penryn yesterday. He met with Alan Pearce, Managing Director, as well as the Finance Director, and Sales Director. The Treasury Select Committee is preparing its report on the impact of the Budget including the ‘pasty tax’.


Commenting on his visit Mark said: “What started out as a perfectly reasonable attempt to iron out a few VAT wrinkles in the fast food industry has turned into a quagmire of confusion and worry. The fact that hugely resourced supermarkets can undercut high street sole traders as a result of VAT inequalities is simply wrong. But to drag innocent bystanders into this row is also wrong. Meeting with Rowe’s Bakery has certainly helped form my thoughts on this and I have advised them to make a submission to both the official consultation and to the Treasury Select Committee. These anomalies need to be sorted out. One, as yet unspoken, alternative is to remove VAT on all fast food thus removing the imbalances and helping the consumer at the same time.”


Commenting on Mark’s visit, Sarah Newton MP for Truro & Falmouth said, “I was delighted that Mark was prepared to break his family holiday to meet with me at Rowe’s Bakery and listen first hand to the problems the proposed introduction of VAT on hot pasties will cause Rowe’s.  With more than 500 employees and a turnover of more than £27 million, Rowe’s are important to the local economy. They also support a long local supply chain of farmers. It is vitally important that the pasty does not get caught in the cross-fire of trying to sort out VAT anomalies between high street take-aways and supermarkets. The proposals are currently being consulted upon and I will continue to make sure a common sense solution is found.”