Today in Parliament

Last night I read the Government’s proposed agreements with the European Union that set out how we will leave the EU in an orderly way and develop a new and close relationship. A relationship that is based on our shared values, mutual security and economic prosperity. 

The negotiations are still not complete and the final proposed agreements will be presented to Parliament later this month for further and thorough debate. We will then vote on the final drafts of the agreements. 

Today, I listened carefully to the debate in the Commons. I believe that what the Prime Minister has agreed with the EU has delivered on what the referendum mandated: we will be leaving the EU in March next year, the right to free movement will end, we will take back control of our laws, and we will be leaving the Single Market. We will become an independent coastal nation.

Now I know that some Brexiteers and those who do not want to leave the EU will say that some of these things aren’t delivered instantly and that there remains some uncertainty on others. Some will protest that we will have to follow EU rules on goods.

And they will be right.

But crucially the deal also delivers continued, near friction free access to the EU markets which guarantees so many jobs and livelihoods here and all over the UK. We will be able to continue to participate in Europol and EuroJust and other mutually beneficial programmes that are so important to our universities, jobs and our economy.

While it is perfectly logical to reject this deal because of the compromises it makes, I won’t be doing so.

This deal delivers Brexit in a humane and considered way and fulfils the objectives the PM outlined at the start of the process and I hope that Parliament will pass it. I will continue to support the PM to do so.